The Royals pwn ChiSux

Oh, how do I hate the White Sox, let me count the ways.

Miguel Olivo is hitting under .270, and his OBP is under .300. This guy is not gonna beat you. But he has 3 HBP's this season. All 3 are against the White Sox. It took three pitches for Carrasco hit him yesterday, and this is what he had to say about it.

“Most of the pitchers don’t throw me inside all the time,” Olivo said. “They throw me sliders away or whatever. If he would’ve hit me with the first pitch, I would’ve been happy to take first base. But three times inside? It’s just so obvious.”

In his own defense, Carrasco had this to say:

“I’m coming into the game trying to get a double-play ball,” Carrasco said. “I’m going to throw in using my sinker. I was trying to get a ground ball out of that. It got away from me. I went to pick up the ball, I look up and he’s charging me. Yes, it surprised me.”

It surprised you? You throw at a guy three times, finally actually hitting him on the third pitch, hitting a guy for the third time this season who hasn't been hit by anyone else? This surprised you?

And for good measure, Ozzie added something to the conversation.

“I’m not going to bring in a guy who throws 85 mph to hit somebody,” Guillen said. “I guarantee it. I’d bring in Dotel. I’d bring in (Matt) Thornton. I’d tell them to hit them. That’s the way I do business.”

I would have to respect that, if I could give it an ounce of credibility. Ozzie has none. This, however, I will give it's full credibility.

Guillen was still hot after the game, saying he should’ve ordered Mark Teahen to be beaned for bunting with a six-run lead, admitting to having players hit in the past, and predicting more drama in the future.

“Get ready for the warnings,” he said. “I signed a five-year deal with this organization, and we play Kansas City a lot.”

What an asshat.

You know why the White Sox has absolutely NO fan base outside the south side of Chicago? Gutless crap like this. AJ Pierzinski, Ozzie Guillen and co. are losing big at the hands of the Royals, so they throw at guys, and then play the "What? Me? Never!" card. Eat it Chicago.

On the field, the Royals took two out of three from the White Sox, taking them out of first place for the first time since May. The White Sox will finish third, and if they get the karma they should get, will finish fourth behind KC. You won't be seeing first place anytime soon. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

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