Jerry Bruckheimer's Dead Air

Really, if you aren't reading Every Day Should be Saturday every day, you need help. Click the link for the whole "scene."

The best part:

Brock Cardinal punches the Bandito in the testicles five times in a row. The bandito reaches for his gun, only to be punched in the balls three more times. He falls.

Girl: Thanks, gringo.

BC: No, I’m sorry. I know you were about to take care of this yourself, right?

Brock Cardinal’s commando team shows up behind him. Sparks, his demolition man, is a trigger-happy Southerner wild for fast cars and fast booze; Dr. Elena Hendrix, a psychiatrist and FBI agent, is the heart of the team. She is also Brock’s ex-wife. Snoopy is the computer hacker and is quick with small arms. Bento is the contemplative Zen sniper and low-level helicopter ace.

Elena: Are you hurt?

Brock: Only by the constant cruelty of men. He’s got two ruptured testicles, though.

Sparks: Woooo—WEEEE!!! When are we gonna get down to it, Brock? Mah killin’ hand is gettin’ all ache-ified!

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