OMG!! 4-0!!!!eleven!!!!!11!!1111!!!!

The defense forces a fumble. OMG! I'm drafting the Lions defense!!! They are the best!

OMG! Safety!!! Detroit is going 16-0!!! Our second defense is better than your second offense!!!!!eleven!!!!11!!!!!!

Gratuitous Gosdra..Gosdor...Godsek...uh, Chuck photo.

Thats just great O-Line work back there.

So, it's a 14-6 win, a successful pre-season, but it's just that. Pre-season. It doesn't count toward the playoffs, it doesn't count toward MM's stellar W-L record, it doesn't count at all. As a matter of fact, by 2013, the NFL will have no record whatsoever that this ever happened. With the Patriots going 0-4, I'm pretty sure we can agree still that 8 wins would be a successful season.

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