Manny is a Dodger; 2009 Stanley Cup Finals planned in Hell's outdoor rink

I never thought It'd happen. But now that it has, Manny Ramirez is no longer a BoSox. He's a Dodger. And Jason Bay is a Red Sox.

For the Sawx, it is a good move. They get rid of an aging not-so-fleet-of-foot left fielder for a younger, cheaper just as good at the plate left fielder. It's a push for this season, win for the future. Grade: B+

For the Bucs, they give up a very good left fielder for some good prospects in areas they needed help. Bull pen and bench support. Grade B

For the Dodgers, they give up prospects for Manny. Hopefully for them, Manny stays healthy/happy. Otherwise this could be a complete disaster. Grade: Inc. We'll know more later. It all depends on Manny. (Yes, DB is now playing the part of master of the Obvious.)

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Peabody said...

No. It is NOT a good move. It is a horseshit move and makes me want to stab my eyes with a rusty spoon.

Theo:DP :: Leyland:DB