Seriously, mom, I CAN'T mow the lawn...

From Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Ole Miss offensive lineman Kermit Tyler, a freshman from New Orleans, has been diagnosed with an allergic reaction to strenuous exercise.

Uh, I think I had this too. When I run or skate too hard, or walk too much, or it's too far to the fridge, I break out in this liquid all over my body, and I start breathing hard and stuff.

Houston Nutt will honor the scholarship because he’s not evil. Bravo for him.

Yup, I agree. Good for Houston Nutt. Ole Miss joins the race for DB's affection to fill the vacuum where Alabama once resided...

UPDATE: DP just reminded that there were not one but two Mannings that quarterbacked the Runnin' Rebs. Ole Miss is out of the running.

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