Lions go to 3-0 in pre-season

I know, it's preseason. But the Lions are fun to watch right now. Or, they would be if the NFL didn't black out the game 180 miles away from Ford Field in an area that a local station was NOT carrying the game. I got to watch some highlights on NFL.com, but it would have been nice to know that the local Fox station was actually carrying it after that wonderful ChiSux - Rays game. Whoo! I love watching baseball between two teams I couldn't care less about rather than a football game involving a team I do actually care about.

All right, I'm over that. The Lions have some holes that need to be addressed. First of all, the offensive line is still bad. Not average, not below average, but bad. Maybe they will get better as the season progresses, but right now they need help. The other thing that still needs help is their run defense. The defensive line is getting good pressure on the QB, but isn't great at picking up and getting to RB's.

But that run by Smith, with the block by Orlovsky. He took out three defenders with one block! Get your February Tampa hotel rooms booked NOW!!!


Peabody said...


Oh. Wait. Preseason.

Carry on.

DB said...

No- have you seen the way Brady is playing? He's terrible! I mean, he is hitting square when he should be holding L2 and scrambling out of the pocket and then hitting the triangle receiver.

But really, I am scouting out SBXLIII parties already.