Roll Tide

This is the first week that the ratings are completely from this season only. A couple surprises- Alabama #1, Air Force at 8, Ball State at 10, and the old ball coach with South Carolina hanging around the top 25 despite a 2-2 record.

Big games this week:

26 Minnesota at 23 Ohio State: OSU has looked bad their last two games, can they turn it around at home against the upstart Gophers? Will TPryor get the start again? I think Boeckman has seen his last snap as a Buck. OSU 30, UM 13

32 Va Tech at 9 Nebraska: Va Tech has turned around a bad start against ECU, while Nebraska has seemingly turned around their Calahan hangover, beating up on mediocre talent, but beating them soundly. A Nebraska win will solidify that start, while a VT win could jumpstart them into the ACC schedule. VT 27, Nebraska 10

4 Wisconsin at 79 Michigan: It's Michigan. Go Blue. Watching the NHL Network, they are showing the '93 Adams division finals with Montreal-Buffalo. Guy Carbonneau in an interview had a Michigan hat on. That's enough for me to pick Big Blue. Michigan 348, Wisconsin -17.

12 Michigan State at 40 Indiana: This is the game where MSU usually lays their green and white egg. Will Dantonio have them ready? Yup. MSU 30, Indiana 3

1 Alabama at 7 Georgia: Georgia is the only team in history to start #1, go 3-0, and drop in the polls every week. Alabama rode their neutral site win over Clemson in week 1 through their next three games winning convincingly in each, although the Tulane game was closer than expected (20-6). Georgia is coming off a game where they laid the smack down in Tempe against a fired up ASU team. This is the "Game of the Century" for this week. Georgia can probably survive a loss here and still make the SEC championship game, but Alabama cannot. Georgia has the two undefeated East teams Florida and Vanderbilt at home, but Alabama has to go to LSU. Prediction: Georgia 24, Alabama 17.

Ratings through games of Sunday, July 27
Team W-L Rating Conf
1 Alabama 4-0 82.8 SEC
2 Utah 4-0 80.6 MW
3 Wake Forest 3-0 79.7 ACC
4 Wisconsin 3-0 78.9 B10
5 Vanderbilt 4-0 77.5 SEC
6 Florida 3-0 74.7 SEC
7 Georgia 4-0 74.7 SEC
8 Air Force 3-1 73.6 MW
9 Nebraska 3-0 73.1 B12
10 Ball St 4-0 70.9 MAC
11 Auburn 3-1 70.8 SEC
12 Michigan St 3-1 70.6 B10
13 Southern Cal 2-0 70.1 P10
14 California 2-1 67.7 P10
15 Georgia Tech 3-1 67.0 ACC
16 Missouri 4-0 66.2 B12
17 Boston College 2-1 66.1 ACC
18 Oregon 3-1 65.5 P10
19 Connecticut 4-0 64.5 BigE
20 Boise St 3-0 64.2 WAC
21 Kentucky 3-0 62.9 SEC
22 Texas 3-0 62.9 B12
23 Ohio State 3-1 62.8 B10
24 South Carolina 2-2 62.3 SEC
25 Iowa 3-1 62.1 B10


Peabody said...

Alabama #1?

DB has lost all credibility. When RockyTop puts it in Bama's pooper and Saban bolts for East Grand Rapids, you will look almost as foolish as a guy whose rankings have Utah at #2 and MSU in the top 15. Oh, wait...

DB said...

Rocky Top will be happy to score at all against the Tide. They stand about as much chance of winning as say, Michigan against Wisconsin...