Last Night

Huge games last night: Minnesota beat the Chi Sux to take over first in the Central Division.

And, in case you havent heard, there was an upset in the Pac-10. Here are the headlines, courtesy of EDSBS:

Jacquizz, where’s your protection?

Trojans Can’t Pull It Out

Hungry Beavers Suffocate Trojans

Trojans Can’t Get It Up For Big Night With Beavers

Sanchez Dirtied By Beaver Attack

Trojans Can’t Come From Behind, Fall Short

22 Trojans, No Protection

USC to Sleep in Wet Spot

Faced With Angry Beavers, Trojans Flaccid

Trojans Penetrate into Soft Waiting Flesh of Beavers, Fall Asleep Inside

Beavers Poke Surreptitious Hole In Trojans, Snatch Victory

Ejaculate Football Sodomy Metaphor Cockslap Lagos Hookerface

Something’s Fishy In Corvallis

Mark Sanchez is a Vag

We’re sure you can take it from there, unlike USC’s receivers. Sleep tight!

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