Reason #643 to hate the NFL

Before I get into this, this is not causing the Lions to be embarrassed. The Lions are doing that all by themselves.

But the refereeing in this game is absolutely awful. Roy Williams for offensive pass interference swatting the DB's hands off him as he makes a cut? Jon Kitna getting a forearm shiver across his nose after delivering the ball, and no call? Aaron Rodgers steps out TWICE before running for a first down, and they review, and STILL GET IT WRONG?!?!? Charles Rogers trying to make up for his broken toe, tackles Calvin Johnson a full second before the ball gets there, and no pass interference? Rodgers has had 5 minutes to throw the ball, because his line has bear hugs around the d-lineman on EVERY PLAY! These guys are supposed to get it right most of the time, but this game has been pathetic. The Lions might be in the game with decent calls, but they still wouldnt be winning. It just would be nice to watch a game where a 432 year old ref isnt more worried about his next Viagra shipment than calling a good game.

UPDATE: Lions DT jumps. Doesnt get within a yard of the Packers LT and gets back. LT jumps. Offsides, Lions. WTF! The defense can move, fuckers!

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