Walk it Off Big Boy, Part 2

Down 6-0, the Tigers come back with 6 in the 6th and 7th, and 2 in the 9th on Cabrera's line shot HR that I don't think got over 20 feet in height. Unfortunately, the ChiSox also came back from being down 5-0 in KC, so no ground was made up.

Todd Jones (4-0) got the win. By pitching one inning and trying all he could to give up a run, he gets a win. Casey Fossum struck out 6 in 3 1/3 innings, including three in a row with the bases loaded in the 5th, and two in a row with runners on 1st and third in the 6th. Eddie Bonine had another bad start, and will probably give way to another Mud Hen after the break.

Now, the Tigers have four at home against the Twins. They cannot have games like this against Minnesota, because they will not come back. 3 out of 4 is acceptable, obviously 4 is better, but they cannot settle for a split at home against a team they are trying to pass to make the run at first place.

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