Pudge is a Yankee; Hell freezes over

DD traded Pudge for Kyle Farnsworth today. I would rate this trade from the Tigers perspective a B. I hate the fact that they traded for a reliever just to trade for a reliever. I am a much bigger fan of trading for a starter and moving a starter into the bull pen. That said, the Tigers dump a huge liability at the plate, and don't really lose much going to Sardhina and/or Inge. But they pick up a guy who has over 40 innings, almost a K per inning pitched and an ERA of 3.65. Trade from a position of depth (batting, not necessarily the C position) to pick up a position of weakness.

Not enough yet, I dont think, but considering the market, a good move.

Oh, and the update pitcher below? The Tigers don't need to trade anybody for him. It's Bobby Seay. Yes, THAT Bobby Seay.

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Peabody said...

Shitcanning Pudge=tremendous. Now, the Tigers can win the Central and get swept by Boston.