Fire. Leyland. Yesterday.

1st inning. Slow delivery pitcher on the mound. Worst defensive catcher in the league behind the plate. Fastest guy on the team on first. Best bat in the league at the plate.

Hit and run? ARE YOU KIDDING? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You take the bat out of the hands of the guy with the best hands in the league and give away an out so dude can get to second, WHICH HE COULD HAVE WALKED TO ANYWAY!!!! The only reason they got a run was a tremendous slide by Guillen to break up a double play.

9th inning. One run lead. Top of the lineup. Jones. Need I say more?

I dont like to swear on the blog.

FUCK YOU LEYLAND! I've had it. This is a first place team without Leyland giving away runs on offense AND defense.


And to make it worse, it was the Fucking White Sox. THE FUCKING WHITE SOX!

FUCK YOU LEYLAND! I will not watch the Tigers the rest of the season as long as that idiot is at the helm. Fuck you Leyland and your 1903 managing style. Turn the fucking calendar! It's 2008! Teams score more than 1 run a game! Fuck you Leyland!

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