Trade deadline

30 hours to the deadline. 5.5 games out playing (and being managed!) like crap. This team could turn it on and make a significant run into August and September. So...

Does DD get a pitcher? (Hopefully)
Does DD become a seller and restock the farm? (Not likely)
Why is Pudge not available at this point?
Will anybody listen to offers for Renteria?
Will DD steal Washburn from underneath the Yankees cold fingers? (HA!)

The latest I have heard is DD looking at Eddie Guardado.

Get a starter- move Robertson to the pen. There has to be a team looking for a closer that you can ship Todd Jones to (where is Randy Smith these days?). Just dont raid the farm any more.


Update: There's a guy out there with these numbers:
2007: In 49 out of 58 appearances, he gave up 0 runs. ERA 2.33, 38 K, 15 BB, and 1 HR in 46 1/3 innings.

2008: In 30 out 36 appearances, he has given up 0 runs. ERA 2.73, 27 K, 14 BB, and 2 HR in 33 innings.

What would you give up for him?

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