DB's production to wane

In addition to a full slate of law school, full time job as an engineer, and #1 helper to a now pregnant wife, I will be studying for finals for 5 weeks, and studying for the patent bar which I hope to be taking in December or January.
So by all means post some crap:

EJ: Let us know what you would do at the deadline to turn the 7.0 GB into a first place playoff position for the Tigers.

Chad: Let us know how TO will overcome the locker room cancer that he is, and turn Tony "I broke my nail....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Romo into Tom Brady. T-O baby, T-O!

Tajas: Fill us in on how the Blue Jays will....um, never mind. How about them 49ers?

Phil: Raiders. HAH!

Dave: Seen Jeter around? Hit him for me will ya. (Yes, pure unadulterated jealousy. So what?)

And I'll be sure to post I Hate Leyland posts from time to time.

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Peabody said...

1. Is LionFan really picking on CowboyFan, NinerFan and RaiderFan? I mean, Captain OnePlayoffWinInFiftyYears is knocking on 13 Super Bowl rings right there. You're a math guy. 13/42. If you just count those Super Bowl wins, at the Lions' current pace, it will take them until 2671 to win 13 playoff games, period. That said, you just made PatriotFan defend RaiderFan. If you make me defend ColtFan, JetFan or GiantFan, I will strangle you in class.

2. Your co-bloggers seem as productive as mine. I guess it takes a full-time gig and law school to really "get" this blogging thing.

3. This is the number of babies you're having. Holy fuck, bro.