Dump. Jones. Today.

Fire Leyland for using the idiot.

These are not spring training games. This is not Toledo. This is not even Grand Rapids. You are not trying to gain experience for certain guys. You are now 7.5 games back, three days before the All-Star break, and blowing games against the team you are trying to catch.

F-U Leyland
F-U Todd Jones

How many F'n times are we gonna put up with this crap? Enough is enough. How many blown saves do we have to see before Leyland gets it through his smoke filled skull that Jones is worse than Dan Blakeslee, whose fastball, according to the machine at Cedar Point, tops out at 58 MPH?

Leyland has cost the Tigers at least four games this season, including this one, and without the second best lineup in baseball, that number would be 7 or 8. It's time to get someone else in there who doesn't subscribe to the Tony LaRussa school of "this guy is my closer. None other shall pitch in the ninth inning, if the game is within three runs."

I would rather see Brandon Inge close than Todd "Holy crap my shoes are on fire" Jones.

Yes, Joyce made an error, but it didn't cost the Tigers 2 runs...


extrajuice said...

Dan, I know you are creative and all but shouldn't your head be on Cabrera not Polanco? I mean, not to say you are overweight, it just seemed more fitting. Plus, not even your head is as big as Enrico Palazzo's.

DB said...

It's not Polanco, it's Santiago. But your point is taken. Cabrera wasnt in the picture though, so no dice.

Not even I'm that good at Photoshop.