Pitchers duel tonight

Tim Lincecum

Justin Verlander

Verlander vs. Lincecum.

San Fran is not a good baseball team right now, but their one shining bright spot is on the mound. 8-1 with an ERA less just under 2, Tim Lincecum is the ace in just his second year. He has given up some hits, but they stay in the yard, and he doesnt walk many guys. Verlander has looked tough in 5 of his last 6 starts, including a complete game in only 101 pitches his last time out. What should make it even more interesting is that according to Baseball Reference, only Aaron Rowand has faced Verlander. He walked, doubled and struck out in his one game. No Tigers have faced Lincecum.

Too bad its on at 10:15. Maybe I'll Tivo it tonight. This could be a great game.


Knighter said...

Thanks for welcoming me to the blog Dan!

Can we get some love for Marcus Thames?

Trade him now....

DB said...

Dude- Thames is on fire. We could re-load the farm with pitchers in a heartbeat. Send him to NY- Hank is hard up for something show Yankee fan he is trying...