Looks like the Tigers drafted for the next Randy Johnson. A lot.

From Baseball Prospectus

Detroit Tigers
Draft Philosophy: As usual, take a big guy who throws hard with the first pick. After that, take more big guys who throw hard, and find someone to catch them.
First Pick: Ryan Perry, RHP, Arizona (21st overall)
How High He Could Have Gone: Before Texas thought one of the big names would get to them at 11, they were looking at a number of college closers, including Perry. The Cardinals at 13, Dodgers at 15, Cubs at 19, and Mariners at 20 also had him more realistically in their mix.
Path To The Big Leagues: It depends on what role Detroit chooses for him. He often throws three innings a game as a long set-up man, but he’s maintained his velocity deep into outings and also throws a plus slider and decent changeup, leaving many to believe his best value would be as a starter. If Detroit keeps him in the bullpen, his triple-digit velocity will get him out of the minors quickly, no matter how straight it is.
Rest of the First Day:
2. Cody Satterwhite, RHP, Mississippi: Guess what? He’s big , and he throws hard.
3. Scott Green, RHP, Kentucky: He's even bigger (6'8"), and throws hard.
4. Brett Jacobsen, RHP, Vanderbilt: Six-foot-six, has velocity, see a trend yet?
5. Alex Avila, C, Alabama: A decent college catcher with solid tools across the board.
6. Tyler Stohr, RHP, North Florida: I guess once they got to the sixth round, 6'2" with a good fastball seemed like enough.
Best Second-Day Selections:
8. Andrew Dirks, OF, Wichita State: Big-time makeup pick, a grinder type who should be a fourth outfielder at the very least.
11. Brandon Douglass, ss, Northern Iowa: Pretty much Dirks, but with infield skills.
13. Jared Gayhart, RHP, Rice: Mostly an outfielder in college, but in a few relief outings he threw hard... and he’s pretty big.

It's not surprising they went this way. They way DD has been trading away the Tigers farm for the last three years, they have no pitching in the system. And very little up with the big club. Bonderman is done for the year, Jones is, well, he's Jones, and Zumaya and Rodney are not pitchers you can hang your hat on any more. We'll see if Galarraga can keep up his current pitching, although history is not on his side. Robertson has been dreadful, Rogers has been a has been, Valenzuela Willis's best days are behind him, and Verlander has been spotty.

For all its struggles, the offense has been OK. The Tigers are scoring runs. They need pitching help, and they need it now. it's nice to see them backfill the farm, but I want to see if DD can get some help to Detroit before the All-Star break, or they will be selling on August 31st.

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