It's Go Time

Now that the Tigers are done beating up on the National league for a while, they need to show that they can beat up on the AL Central. With 9 of the last 13 games before the All-Star Game against ALC teams, including 7 against 2nd place Minnesota, we will get to see whether this team can make a run, or just teased us against a group of weak opponents. Leyland needs to get over this 1 run bullshit and let the players play, because the Twins can hit, but are struggling on the bump. Don't help them by giving them easy outs to get one runner over to second, and dont start big innings by bringing the infield in in a 0-0 game in the 3rd inning. Minnesota will make you pay for giving them extra outs.

And for the love of God, do NOT use Todd Jones. Ever. Not even if the team is up 45-2.

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