Repeat GLI Champs

It just looks right. The Michigan Wolverines sign hanging from the GLI Tournament banner at the Joe. Michigan dominated this year after escaping last season with the trophy, beating up on Michigan State (again!) 5-1. MGoBlue.com has all the details.

Michigan is ranked #11 in the nation in hockey, #24 in basketball, and, oh, wait- never mind about the other sport.


Peabody said...

MSU is flat out awful this year. Michigan is mediocre, too, and on the verge of missing the tourney. We pretty much have to sweep #1 and #2 to defend our conference title, too.

DB said...

Michigan is getting better as the season goes on, as is typical of a Red led team. They aren't a lot better than mediocre, and need help on the PP and PK, but now that Rust and Palushaj are coming back from an early (stupid Slovak goalie) exit from the WJC, we'll see what they can do down the stretch.