It's Ohio State week. What?

Never in my lifetime has an Ohio State week snuck up so silently. The boys over at Michigan Against the World have some solid thoughts on the program two years ago versus now.

But from an outsiders viewpoint, and I mean outsider in that I never went to Michigan, I never played for Michigan, and never met Bo or any other coach for that matter, Michigan- Ohio State week is just as meaningful. I remember the tears when I found out two years ago, on the eve of the biggest game in the history of the greatest rivalry in sports. I remember thinking that there was no way that Michigan was going to lose, not that year, not that way. I remember growing up when I started hunting, and my brother would make fun of me when I told him it was the Ohio State game today, and I wouldn't be going out. This was it. It was Ohio State. At that time it was an annual beatdown, but the other way from where it is now, and especially this Saturday. I wouldnt have missed it for anything. Watching Tim Biakabatuka roll up 300 yards, watching Desmond Howard do the Heisman in the endzone.

This year is different. This year, must be different for the OSU fans as well. There is very little build up to this game, there is very little banter going back and forth, there is very little in the way of the old worn out jokes you always hear this time of year, that are so old and so bad, yet you laugh like it was the first time you'd ever heard it.

How do you get an OSU grad off the porch?
Pay for the pizza.

What does an OSU grad call a UM grad?

This year is the first year since I became of drinking age that I have no plans for the game. I will have it on in the background, as I finalize my secured transactions homework or work on my business organizations outline. Finals are coming up, you know. But it won't have the same feeling that it should.

There is only one question left. Will McSweatervest go for 2 to make it an even 50?

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