F the NFL

How are these guys paid as referees? A win in the NFL is meaningless any more as no game, and I mean that, no game that I have seen this year has been anything closely resembling a "fair" game. I am not calling this a conspiracy (although one could make a pretty damning collection of NYJets games that show that Fa-rve gets the benefit if every dispute) but just that these idiots are too old, slow, and senile to call a game correctly. Give me a bunch of guys out there from practice squads who know how the game is played, send them through ref school, and get them out there.

Case in point: Drew Stanton (WTF!) drops back, is under pressure, gets a pass off at the same time he is being hit. The idiot calls both intentional grounding and roughing the passer. What? He hadn't thrown the ball yet, and he was trying to get the ball downfield to someone, BUT HE WAS GETTING HIT.

I hate this league.

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