We're back!

After taking about 4 months off from blogging about sports, we have some making up to do. Some points:

* The NHL is dead to us.
* The Tigers are not.
* The Red Sox are a whining bunch of babies who deserve nothing less than a 25 game losing streak.
* Michigan Football is back.
* The Lions, well, are.

Point 1- how does a team that goes 52 games and can't stand up on two skates, is mired in 11th place, all of the sudden go on an unprecedented 30 game run, followed by a stanly [sic] cup?

Point 2- Now 7 games up, thanks to a Brandon Inge slam in the ninth inning in St Pete.

Point 3- Miguel Cabrera gets hit. The BoSox know, or should know that either Pedroia or Youk is gonna get hit. Pedroia comes up with one on and no out. OK, so we'll wait for Youk. Youk gets hit. Takes off after a rookie pitcher who weighs 25 pounds less, throws his helmet(!), and then proceeds to get slammed by said pitcher. Eat it boston, this team isn't a quarter as likeable as the '04 bunch.

Point 4- With a QB, everything is good in the land of maize and blue.

Point 5- No comment.

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