Worst Case Scenario

Our alma mater, the CCHA giant that is Western Michigan, is traveling 60 miles east to take on TLoGL favorite Michigan this weekend in round two of the CCHA playoffs. When Western takes on Michigan in football next fall, and we will be there (thanks DP), we will only be rooting for the Broncos to hang around and not embarrass themselves. Even if the Broncos go 13-0, they have exactly zero shot at winning anything, so we basically root for them to score some points, poke some holes in Michigan's game plan so DickRod can plug them ASAP, and lose 47-21. In the other sports however, we root for the brown and gold not just to win, but to rub Red's face in the defeat. It's similar to playing hockey in high school, when lining up opposite our good friend and now brother-in-law, when we had a nice pushing and shoving match and damn near came to blows. Here, too, we wish no good luck to the maize and blue, nor do we wish any victories for Red's club.

Boo Blue.

Go Broncos!

UPDATE: It was worser (yes, worser. worse doesn't do it justice) than we thought. Michigan dominated. Saturday night's game saw Big Blue outshoot the Broncos 21-0 and outscore them 3-0 in the first period. WMU's season is over.

GO BLUE! That felt good.

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