David Ortiz: F
Jason Veritek: F
JD Drew: Check swing D
Jason Bay: C
Dustin Pedroia: A

Pedroia was the only one it looked like wanted to play more baseball. Ortiz was terrible, Veritek looked like Pudge, and JD Drew check-swung his way to critical strikouts. This team looked good for three innings in game 5, a couple in game 6, and exactly zero in Game 7.

Enjoy the time off gents. You've earned it. This may be the first World Series I don't watch since I can remember. Philly? Who cares? Tampa Bay? Move to a baseball stadium and maybe I'll watch.

Extra Fail to MLB for starting the Series THREE DAYS after the end of the ALCS. Can you imagine if this thing ended in five?

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