F'n Leyland

I may be boycotting my Tigers hat and jersey until Jim Leyland is let go or retires, but this is a hell of a game winning hit...

Let's see- the Tigers have the best lineup in baseball, maybe second only to, oh, I dont know, maybe the Sawx, and YOU ARE BUNTING IN THE FIFTH INNING WITH THE LEAD!!!

Yeah, you know all those extra runs the Tigers have no chance of scoring because you are giving up outs for the sake of 1 run? Yeah, don't worry. We won't need them. Oh wait...

Oh yeah Jim, don't worry. A two run lead in the 6th inning is PLENTY against this team. They can't hit.

If there was such a thing as a moral victory, I would put this in the category of a moral defeat. The bunt in the 9th, OK. That made sense. This goes along with the going for two argument in football. You only bunt for single runs when you NEED IT! Leyland got lucky when the Tigers' bats behind the bunt kept hitting and they actually scored 3. How many could they have scored without the bunt?

You will not see me with my Tigers gear on until the smoking man is gone. This lineup is too talented to play small ball. The defense doesn't look like they know where they should be. The pitching is predictable (Yook with 3 HR's, Lowell with 2 this series!!! Are you kidding?).

OK, I'm done venting I think. Even if the Tigers win tonight, I still may wear the BoSox gear out of spite.

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